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Jioupeng Desert


Located between Gangzai Village and Mt. Jiupeng in Manzhou Township, it covers an area of more than 200 hectares. Due to the influence of the northeastern monsoon over the years, the shoreline has been covered by sand for many years, which has gradually formed white fine sand, and with the topography of the area undulating in height, the scenery is spectacular and charming, beautiful, and it can be regarded as Taiwan's most spectacular desert wonders. Here, "Bayao Bay" is the place where the Mudan Incident Miyako Islanders landed, while the outlet of the Gangzai River at the northern end is called the "Gangzai Desert" because it is located in the village of Gangzai.

● Public Transportation:
Take the THSR to Zuoying Station, then transfer to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 9189 Kenting Express to Hengchun Transfer Station. From there, transfer to Pingtung Bus 304 and get off at Gangzai Village.

● Self-Driving:
National Highway 3 - Nanjhou Interchange - County Hwy 187B - Provincial Hwy 1 - Provincial Hwy 26 - County Hwy 200.