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South Gate of Hengchun Ancient City Gate


The South Gate of Hengchun Town, also known as the "Mingdu Gate", is one of the four gates of Hengchun. The inscription on the gate reads "Built in the autumn of the first year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty", indicating the year of its construction. In the past, the South Gate was the main transportation route to Eluanbi and Kenting. As one of Hengchun's landmarks, the South Gate is of great historical and cultural value.
The architectural form of the South Gate has been preserved quite completely, and the restored gate still retains the castle tower and the pavilion. The ridge of the roof of the gate adopts the design of single eaves and swallow-tail, forming a graceful curve, which is very eye-catching. This traditional architectural style demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship and unique flavor of ancient architecture.
The preserved architecture of the South Gate provides a window into the history of Hengchun Old Town and is also an important tourist attraction. Through restoration and preservation efforts, the South Gate has been preserved so that people can appreciate the value and beauty of this historical heritage.

● Public Transportation
1. Kaohsiung Railway Station,  Kaohsiung International Airport →Take the Kenting Express (operated by Pingtung Bus, and Kaohsiung Bus) or Zhongnan Bus or Kuo-Kuang Bus to Hengchun Station.
2. From Kaohsiung Railway Station and take Kuo-Kuang Bus (toward Hengchun) or Pingtung Bus to Hengchun Station.

● Self-Driving
Get off National Highway 1 at Xiaogang Interchange (or get off National Hwy 3 at Linbian Interchange) →Provincial Hwy 17 → Shuidiliao → Provincial Hwy 1 (follow the signs along the road) → Fangliao → Fenggang → Provincial Hwy 26 → Checheng → Hengchun