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Xuhai-Guanyinbi Nature Reserve


The Langjiao Beinan Trail, also known as the Ancient Path of Hengchun to Taitung, originally stretched over 200 kilometers. The Xuhai-Guanyinbi Nature Reserve is a segment of this ancient trail, approximately 8 kilometers long, running along the coastline. With picturesque scenery and rich geological landscapes, it is one of Taiwan's rare natural treasures. Professional guides will lead you to delve into the historical origins of this ancient trail and the rich variety of flora and fauna in the area. Wander through the forest, listening to the resonance of the sky, the ocean, and the waves.

*Belonging to the Xuhai-Guanyinbi Nature Reserve, prior permission must be obtained from the Pingtung County Government or the Xuhai Community Development Association before entering.

●Pingtung County Government Reservation Website


●Xuhai Community Development Association

Contact Information: 0963-822-708, 08-8830365



  • 2. Warship Rock

    A huge rock stretches into the sea, resembling a warship about to set sail. From here, you can see the vast Pacific Ocean, which is truly magnificent.

  • 3. Haohan Hill

    Climb a steep slope, the necessary route to climb Guanyinbi Mountain, and climb to an altitude of 120 meters to overlook the sea.

  • 4. Nantian Pebble Beach

    The most beautiful section of the beach, covered with Nantian stones.

  • 5. Guanyinbi Mountain

    The highest point, also the best spot to overlook the entire ancient trail.