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The Call of Hoshinomare

$ 6000


Step into the simple village of Asahi, far from the hustle and bustle, to observe the stars, quiet your mind, and listen to the sea. Experience the rich cultural atmosphere created by diverse ethnic groups, admire the breathtaking scenery where mountains and seas, sun and moon, stars and constellations intertwine. Observe the rarely seen hermit crab colonies, let go of all worries, listen to the whispers of the sea breeze, bathe your soul in the starry sky, and join us in rediscovering the tranquility and healing power of the soul!

●Remittance Information:

Bank: Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Branch 009

Account Number: 8348 01 003028 00

Account Name: Pan Cheng-Ching, Mudan Township, Pingtung County, Community Development Association of Hohai Contact Information:


Community Development Association of Hohai

Phone: 0963-822708


  • 1. Xuhai Tourist Information Center

    Listen to the professional tour guide as they share stories about this beautiful fishing village and the successful rehabilitation of hermit crabs on this beach. This will help you understand more about these lovely marine creatures and their habits and legends. With a flashlight in hand and holding the hermit crab mansion provided by the guide, set off with excitement for a night tour!

  • 2. Lintou Forest

    Walking into the Lin Tou forest at night, on the winding path, besides being wary of the sharp thorns on the Lin Tou leaves, you also need to be careful of your step. You can often see shy hermit crabs hiding in their shells, secretly observing the movements of these visiting giants. Thanks to the community's efforts, the number of hermit crabs is quite impressive. Let's protect this pristine land well and let these cute hermit crabs continue to multiply. When you reach the designated location, gently place the hermit crab mansion down, hoping that your warmth can bring a warm home to the hermit crabs destined to receive it.

  • 3. 牡丹灣海濱 Introduce

    Walking on the cool sand, feeling the gentle sea breeze, listening to the endless sound of the waves, closing your eyes to feel the peaceful atmosphere of nature around you. When you open your eyes again, you can see a completely different world, where starlight and moonlight, night sky and calm sea merge into a beautiful and boundless scenery. Look at the moonlit sea, empty your mind, reset your busy heart, and have a bonfire party! Sing loudly, throw all worries into the sea, and carry beautiful scenery and memories, looking forward to the sunrise tomorrow, returning to a new self.