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Bitou Grassland Itinerary


Climbing to the Bitou Grassland on Jiu Peng, you'll be greeted by a vast sea view, with the entire Bay of Biao Yao within reach. This grassland is part of the Nanshan Ecological Protection Area and has been designated as a natural reserve. In recent years, the Kenting National Park Management Office has opened it for park entry applications. Along the way, guided by professional tour guides, you can observe precious and rare plants and insects, deeply experiencing the unique landscapes and ecology. After reaching the summit, you can overlook the Bay of Biao Yao and listen to the history of the Mudan Incident, imagining the history that once happened here, following in the footsteps of our ancestors, walking on the same land, where every step is a story.

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  • 1. Entrance

    This area boasts a unique and rare ecological environment in the world. To protect this special primitive forest, entry is prohibited for ordinary tourists without permission. Next, let us proceed with awe, following the footsteps of the guide, carefully avoiding the wild vines older than both you and me, as we move forward!

  • 2. First Grassland

    As you walk out of the woods, a vast grassland unfolds before your eyes. Looking back, you can see the coastal sand dunes of Bayao Bay in full view. Before sitting down on the grass to enjoy the scenery, be aware that there is a grass that looks like dandelions at first glance. Its leaves are covered with thorns like ninja weapons. This plant, commonly known as "chicken foot thorn," is a precious medicinal and edible ingredient, known as the "poor man's ginseng" by locals. Jiu Peng's local cuisine often uses this ingredient to stew nourishing chicken soup. If you have the opportunity, you might want to try this rare delicacy!

  • 3. The second grassland.

    From a higher vantage point, overlooking Bayao Bay, listen to the narrator recount the famous historical event that began here, the Bayao Bay Incident. In the year 1871 AD, a Ryukyu tribute ship encountered a shipwreck on its return journey. Of the 69 crew members, 3 drowned, and the rest landed here. Subsequently, 54 crew members were tragically killed, leading the Empire of Japan to send troops and triggering the 'Mudan Incident.

  • 4. Vantage Point

    When you see a small tree that has been shaped like a frog by strong winds, it means you have reached the vantage point of Bitou Grassland. If the visibility is good, you can see the entire Orchid Island clearly, surrounded by seascape, giving it a feeling of being at the ends of the earth.

  • 5. Exit

    Advance towards a military facility downhill, where the hardworking Coast Guard personnel's outpost is located. The road in front of the outpost is also a route for cattle to pass through, so be careful not to step on cow dung! Let's conclude this journey perfectly with plenty of knowledge and memories, along with a large number of invincible sea view photos, and look forward to visiting again next time.