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Bayaowan Healing Experience Tour

$ 4000


Visit the landing site of the Ryukyu Kingdom tribute shipwreck during the "Bayaowan Incident" in 1871, as well as the filming location for the PTS series "Skalor." Immerse yourself in historical stories while enjoying the rare sand dune landscapes of Taiwan. Take a stroll on the unique white sand beach, feel the sand under your bare feet step by step, listen to the whispers of the Pacific Ocean, relax your body and mind, and let your senses experience something new at this remote corner of the world!
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Jiupeng Community Development Association

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  • 1. Origin

    Before setting off for the primitive paradise, it's important to meet today's guide. Through pre-trip briefings, you can learn about what to pay attention to and how to handle emergencies when exploring the wilderness. While enjoying the trip, safety always comes first. After preparing adequately, it's time to set off!

  • 2. Wild Ox Path

    If we're lucky, we might see a herd of wild water buffalo nearby. Let's move quietly so as not to disturb them. Let's observe from a distance and listen to their unique calls! Be careful of the large piles of buffalo dung along the way. For those lucky enough to step on one, remember to order a chocolate cake as a gesture of appreciation for the local community!

  • 3. Magic Forest

    The winding forest path is surrounded by freely growing ephedra, leaves of trees chewed and casually discarded by monkeys, and exotic plants everywhere, as if entering a different world, stepping into the realm of the magic forest. After stepping over the lying dead trees and crawling under the overgrown vines, the legendary secret sand dunes are right in front of you!

  • 4. Dune

    Climbing up the rare desert landscape in Taiwan, under these unique environmental conditions, the accumulation of river sand at the estuary over the years is blown up to the highland by strong winds during low tide, forming the spectacular sand dune landscape we see today. The clean and flawless sand beneath your feet is worth allowing your feet to make intimate contact with the earth. Try to take slow steps, and engage in a focused dialogue with your inner self on the desert!

  • 5. 九棚大沙漠 Introduce

    Walking along the beach, one can see the scattered marine debris that is frustrating. Influenced by ocean currents and monsoons, marine debris from around the world flows into the Pacific Ocean incessantly, regardless of day or night, season, and includes various imported goods in addition to domestic products. This prompts us to reflect on whether human damage to the marine environment will one day be met with a backlash from nature.

  • 6. Zhonggang Creek Estuary

    For friends who have watched the PTS drama "Skaro," you may have a sense of déjà vu about this estuary! The famous scenes of "She Liao" and "Chai Cheng" were set here, and this Zhonggang Creek has also formed a special "no-mouth creek" phenomenon, which means a river without an outlet, quite unique.

  • 7. Stone House

    This historic building, weathered by time, now stands without its roof. Once a mansion in Jiupeng, it was originally built for fishing. Abandoned now, in front of this mansion, filled with memories, concludes this rich journey of historical culture and spiritual healing.